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A Most Embarrassing Moment

Judith (Pocivanik) Koveleskie, MA Theology ’89

My most embarrassing moment happened when I was still in the MA Theology Program.  

I was working a SWOP office position in the Theology Department.  One day, a message came in that from then on, SWOP workers would be required to wear uniforms that had to be purchased at our own expense. It was accompanied by detailed ordering information and a catalog page. I was going through a particularly stressful time with studies, assignments, finances etc. This was the last straw. I became enraged that this would really be expected of students who were struggling to find the money to simply stay in school. After my shift, I complained to fellow students and even went to the President’s Office to express my dissatisfaction with the new policy. My distress went on for several hours. Finally, someone had mercy on me and said, “Judith, it was a joke.” 

It turns out that the joke was intended for Dawn (Recznik ’88) Harris, who also worked a SWOP job in the department. Dr. Andy Minto was the culprit, and I swore to get revenge, but he said, “You’ll never be able to get me.” He was right. I never did. In spite of my gullibility, I was later hired by Father Mike as his secretary and stayed in that position until my marriage. It turned out that Hilda Tarquinio and Joel Recznik were in on the joke, which turned out better than any of them would have suspected. Looking back, I can’t believe I fell for it. 

Judith (Pocivanik) Koveleskie, MA Theology ’89, worked as an academic librarian at Seton Hill University for 22 years leaving Franciscan. She is now retired and lives with her husband in a small house at St. Anne’s, a continuing care retirement community in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.