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My Favorite Prof

Alumni Survey

Who was your favorite prof? The one whose fascinating lectures kept you awake, even when you used to think you hated his subject and the class was at eight o’clock? The one who inspired you to really learn a subject that helped with your career? The one who extended friendship and concern when you needed it most? Here are the results, plus comments from some of those who responded. 

1. Dr. John Carrigg, History 

Dr. John Carrigg was my favorite…I can still remember the lecture on Pearl Harbor. When the bell rang to end the class, no one wanted to leave—he made us all feel like we were there. [He was] quite amazing. —John Holdinsky ’74

2. Mr. Jack Boyde, History 

My favorite professor is a tie between Dr. Carrigg and Mr. Jack Boyde. Both of these fine men were extremely knowledgeable. They each made history “come alive.” Their lectures were outstanding! —Jessica “Jessie” (Hawk ’71) McMenamin 

3. Mr. Ed Kelly, Accounting 

I am sure that Mr. Edward Kelly would top most accounting students’ lists. He had a way of communicating the subject matter to us in a clear and concise manner, and certainly gave me a “leg up” on my career. —Michael J. Quinn ’73

4. Mr. Joseph Zoric, Economics

My favorite professor was Mr. Joseph Zoric. Aside from being a really nice guy, he was also a good teacher. Let’s face it: Anybody who could make economics enjoyable has to be a good teacher! —Karen (Finnegan ’79) Gallagher

5. Dr. Thomas Lambert, Sociology 

My favorite professor was Dr. Thomas Lambert. He not only taught the content on the syllabus, but he taught you to apply the learned content to life. I think of his classes and how the “life” lessons still apply today; how much I learned from him! I do not think I ever missed one of his classes! —Brenda (Yeager) Jarrell ’75

These five weren’t the only beloved profs. Over 30 others received votes and fond remarks from their former students. Here are just a few. 

Without a doubt, my favorite is Dr. Rose Cerroni, chairman of the Biology Department. I would not be a very happy veterinarian today without Dr. Cerroni and her guidance. —Christopher John Morris, DVM, MS ’78

My favorite professor was, is, and always will be John Korzi. He was firmly dedicated to the academic, emotional, and personal growth of his students. He never turned any student away any who came to him for academic or personal help. His display of sincerity and gentleness attracted students from all disciplines to him. To this day I pass on to my colleagues and clients the insights I gained from John Korzi at the College of Steubenville. —John Kowalski ’74

Mr. George Gable without a doubt. He loved his field and his students. He was a great teacher and made it seem effortless. —Mary Grace O’Connor-DeFilippis ’69

Dr. Dianne Keenan was the best education professor. She told it like it is in real teaching situations. —Mary Smith Craven ’72

My favorite instructor was Richard Curry, Spanish professor in the seventies. He was an inspiring teacher who genuinely cared about his students. He encouraged me to study abroad in Spain and that was a life-changing event. I wish I had told him how much I appreciated all that he did for our class. —Kathleen Small ’76

Originally published in the Autumn 2007 Baronette newsletter.