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“Lift High the Banners of Love”

Faith households have become a household name at Franciscan University since Father Michael Scanlan, TOR, established them early in his presidency 35 years ago. You can read about what they are and mean to Franciscan alumni below. —The Editors Morning Star Household was small, but we had lots of love for the Lord and for […]

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It’s All Greek!

Although I never joined a Greek organization, I always knew the brotherhood and sisterhood ran deep among those who did. Just how deep? Our fellow alums explain below in their own words.  Lisa Ferguson ’84, English Thomas Sokol ’69, Business, TKETKE came along at an important time in my life.  It was through one of […]

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Hail, Steubenville!

Your responses to the question about your favorite spots in Steubenville and its environs were many and varied, though you’ll note, as I did, that a good number revolve around places to eat and drink. Why is that, do you think? Lisa Ferguson ’84English Literature Don Plagman ’66, BusinessThe town of Steubenville was heavily Italian […]

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