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Falling in Love at Franciscan

Danielle (Constant ’07) Prince

While I did not meet my husband on campus at Franciscan, my alma mater played a huge role in us finding each other. Early in my freshman year, my roommate mentioned something about the website, Ave Maria Singles, and I filed it away in the back of my mind in case I wanted to look into it later.

Later came after I graduated from Franciscan in May of 2007. I wasn’t sure where in the country God was calling me, but I did know I was called to marriage. I felt like there wasn’t anything to lose by joining the site, and a few months later, my now husband emailed me for the first time. We never looked back.

The best part was that he had just moved to Steubenville to take the position of assistant men’s basketball coach at Franciscan during their inaugural D-III year. I spent much of the next year after I graduated on campus in the fieldhouse watching him coach and falling in love.

God’s plan to use Franciscan like that to bring us together was incredible. We got engaged three weeks before the season ended, much to the delight of the entire basketball team. Now, we try to get back to campus once a year with our children for a basketball game. Sitting in those stands with our family always gives me chills. Had I not taken the leap to attend Franciscan University, I probably would not have met my husband. And we would not have this beautiful life with six incredible children that we’ve built together. I credit Franciscan with a lot of aspects of my life, the biggest being helping me to fulfill my vocation as a wife and mother. God is good.

My husband and I currently live in Pittsburgh. Together we serve as leaders of our parish Family Ministry. I’m a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom to our six children ranging in age from 1 to 11. I am Parent Volunteer Guild President at school as well as part of the coordinating team for our boys’ diocesan tackle football team. 

Danielle (Constant ’07) Prince