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“I Picked the Right Spot”

Tony Andrews ’98

When I saw the request to reflect and recall my fondest memories of attending Franciscan University, it goes without saying that a TON of memories flooded my mind, and I had a very difficult time in paring down the flashbacks. From the nervous jitteriness of walking down Egan Hall for my first class to walking down the aisle in the Finnegan Fieldhouse for my graduation, I can proudly say that my time there was nothing short of amazing.

But to narrow my five years of wonderful times into a brief summary to celebrate Franciscan’s 75th Anniversary was certainly a challenge, a challenge I met with pride and fond recollections!! But the main retrospection in my heart, mind, and soul will always be the acceptance and embracing that the University Family gave me when I stepped foot on the campus on Day One!

Being a Little Person and leaving my roots and comfort zone in a rather small town in northern New York to attend college in a city in eastern Ohio of which I was unfamiliar, I knew I would come across hundreds of people I never met, from backgrounds I never knew. (What’s that? My first roommate is from northern Michigan!?!?!?) The unknown really shook me to the foundation of my being. Nerves were an understatement, and I was not sure what to expect.

But I was met with respect, courtesy, and common interests that not only eased my nervous tensions but eliminated my self-doubts as to whether I had picked the right spot. I am proud to say that I KNEW I picked the right spot and five years later I realized just how much my Franciscan Family loved me as I was named Outstanding Senior in ’98!!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish a Happy 75th Jubilee to Franciscan University. May she be blessed with 75 more years of excellence in formation and education!!


Tony Andrews ’98 says, “Due to my achondroplastic dwarfism, my spine, lower back, and hip are undergoing genetic degeneration. I have recently taken, what I call “medical retirement.”  I spend most of my time with my cat, McQueen, volunteering whenever I comfortably can, and buying too many books and movies!!  I recently lost my fiancé, Jeanette, to cancer in August of 2021.  While mourning my loss, I have rediscovered the hearth of friends I have and a good chunk come from my Fellow Steubies. I wish you all my best … especially my household brothers of Anawim!!”