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Favorite Eateries

Readers' Survey

This winter The Baronette did an e-mail survey asking alumni to vote for their favorite eateries in Steubenville and vicinity. The response was enthusiastic. More than a chance to vote, it was an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane. Please take note that four of your five favorites withstood the test of time—so if you haven’t been back lately, there are four more reasons to visit soon. Yum!

The Top Five

1. John’s Sausage Shop closed

John’s Sausage Shop had the best sausage and provolone sandwiches. I can still feel the grease dripping off my elbows.—Rich Marsich ’74 

Great sausage sandwiches and a “nickel’s worth” of pepperoncini. Boy was that good!—Gary Van Beneden ’71

2. Di Carlo’s (Wintersville) still in business. The pizza there is so different and unique…I liked the fact that they put the cheese on after the pizza came out of the oven and then put tons of pepperoni on top of the cheese. It’s still my favorite pizza of all time.—Gary Lowther ’75

DiCarlo’s Pizza was the best buy to fill the void in your stomach while adhering to the void in our pockets! Not only was their pizza economical, but it tasted good. Many a Beer Blast would have been incomplete without boxes and boxes of DiCarlo’s.—James B. Henderson ’79

3. Naples still in business

My all-time favorite would be the meatball or meat sauce heel at Naples! Fresh Italian bread with that scooped out piece on top…and the inside filled with their delicious meatballs or meat sauce….mmmmm! There has only been one other Italian place I have eaten that has ever served, or even heard of such a creation.—Susan (Zackey ’73) Starr 

A big treat was on Sunday night to go to Naples for a heel. A plain heel was $1.65 and a big splurge was a meatball heel for $1.95. This was huge! Scrape up the cash and get a heel for a big treat on Sunday!—John “JJ” Jilek ’75

4. Capri still in business

 We live five or six hours from Steubenville, and when a group of women from our parish attended one of the summer conferences held in Steubenville, we sent a cooler with them so they could return to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, with eight hot sausage sandwiches. They arrived at our door at 10:30 Sunday evening, and we couldn’t wait to taste the taste of Capri. Ahhh, memories came flooding back.—Luann (Zanke ’78) Gilliland 

Their sausage sandwiches were unbelievable. I still go there for a sandwich when we go back to Ohio to visit relatives. And, amazingly, 30 years later, those sausage sandwiches taste exactly the same.—Janet (Koerber ’76) Lowther

5. The Dinor (Weirton) still in business

For those of us in the mid-seventies “nothing could be finer than to be in Weirton Dinor in the Morrrrning” where everything fried tasted the same, from eggs to fries. Did I mention … everything was fried?—Dave Skiviat ’78

You couldn’t beat the Weirton Dinor for the combination of food and “entertainment”! You never knew what kind of characters you’d find there at 2 am!—Jimmy Gilliand ’79

Originally published in the Spring 2007 Baronette newsletter.