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The Soundtracks of Steubie U

Franciscan Magazine

Music serves as the soundtrack of our lives and forever links us to powerful memories, sweet, silly, and sad. So put a nickel in the old jukebox, and listen with me to the sounds of Steubie U.
Lisa Ferguson ’84
English Literature

Song: “Walk On By.” Artist: Dionne Warwick. A truly classy, funky, and mesmerizing tune. Many thanks to Pappy Montgomery and the late Walt Osborne ’67 for introducing us to this great “sound” as we studied in a quiet dorm. Wow!
K. Michael (Mike) Kalman ’66

“Hey Jude” by the Beatles—Stoney’s. “American Pie” by Don McLean—The Octopus.
Karen (Lucke ’73) Fonow

I would have to say the Allman Brothers since they played in the cafeteria before they were famous. Also, the song “American Pie.” Lastly, Octopus Garden, because two of my townie friends who went to Steubie U, Jim Fonow ’73 and Mike O’Brien ’73, owned it, and we spent a lot of time there!
Nancy (DaRosso ’74) Ritthamel 

“The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell
Eddy Naples ’81

During the 1980s, the intramural program was a large part of the Steubenville experience. My roommate and best friend, John Fischer ’83, had a tradition of always playing the rock band, Boston, when we were suiting up to play ball. The volume was up full blast, and we rocked the entire third floor of St. Francis. Fifteen minutes of over-the-top guitar solos put us in the right frame of mind to play against our classmates in Ultimate Frisbee, football, softball, or basketball.
Ed Pankus ’83 MBA ’96

I was a huge CCM fan back then, and the artist at the top of my list was Ms. Amy Grant and her album, Heart in Motion. It still brings me back to a time when I was cramming for exams and endless papers were due. Baby, baby, I’m taken with the notion, to love you with the sweetest of devotion . . .
Wayne Meyers ’91

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the hallways of Tommy More were filled with the sounds of Franciscan’s own Spirit Song. I have fond memories of the sounds of “Our Song” wafting through the corridors from our cassette players and hearing the voices of Chris Speece ’90, Shawnda Draeger ’91, and the rest of those talented musicians. Truly iconic sounds.
Mark Griswold ’91

Anything Rich Mullins! Whenever I hear his songs I am transported either to Antonian Hall or to Christ the King Chapel where I was blessed to attend two of his concerts. Both times, he wore his favorite jeans and had bare feet! One of the concerts happened to be on my birthday, and I consider it one of my favorite birthday presents ever!
Kristin Wilson ’95

There were many Spirit-filled leaders and musicians on campus who led praise and worship. I want to especially thank Martin Doman ’96 for his music ministry. In fact, I have listened to his music CDs through many trials since graduating, and they helped me enter a spirit of prayer and welcome the Lord’s consolation. I cherish the music from his Praying Twice albums.  Thank you, Martin, for your yes to God and unknowingly touching so many lives through your music.
Mary (Heier ’99) Hilger

Twisted Sister, jean shorts, rock guitar, and big hair—That about encapsulates my time rooming with Tim Delaney ’99 at Franciscan University.
Bob Lesnefsky ’99

Any song from Alabama brings me back to Franciscan. We used to go out to the sticks to some place called Fernwood, have a big bonfire, and blast Alabama.
Daniel Flynn ’02

Whenever I hear “Hey Ya!” by Outkast, I remember a bunch of Franciscans shakin’ it like a Polaroid picture on the patio outside the fieldhouse at the Last Class Luau 2004.
Laura (Seefield ’04) Ustanovska

Whenever I hear the song “Eye of the Tiger,” I immediately go back to my evenings spent watching the men’s Baron basketball team during their inaugural year in NCAA Division III. The boys used to make their entrance to that song at every home game. My husband (fiancé at the time) was the assistant coach, and the song brings back great memories of our courtship as well as the excitement and energy of the team at the start of Division III athletics. . . . Nowadays in the hustle and bustle of running my own business and taking care of my husband and two little boys, I still roll down the windows and turn the volume up to max whenever “Eye of the Tiger” comes on!
Danielle (Constant ’07) Prince

During the spring semester of my junior year (2009), I would place my Bose laptop speakers on the windowsill of my dorm room and blast music out into the Piazza dei Santi. I made a “Piazza” playlist on iTunes, which consisted of any song I considered suitable for a sunny day, including “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by Vampire Weekend, “Moab” by Conor Oberst, and “Train in Vain (Stand By Me)” by The Clash. Hundreds more.
Timothy Sennett ’10, MA ’12
Catechetics, MA Theology

Originally published in the Summer 2013 Franciscan Way magazine.

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